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About Me

My name is Greg Davis, and I make things. I make all sorts of things. Sometimes those things are physical and personal, like cabinets or ukuleles. Most of the time, they are software products for the companies that I work for.

I'm a passionate User Experience developer, designer and leader. My work has spanned the gamut, from platform level application development and design, to narrative content and ePub development, to individual websites. I work hand-in-hand with Editorial, Product Managers, Program Mangers, software engineers, UX researchers and anyone else on the team, to produce high-quality, user driven software products. I have worked in Agile development teams, run agile development teams myself and I'm constantly working in an iterative, forward thinking way.

If I could summarize myself and my philosophy, it would be short and simple: design/prototype, test, iterate.



Senior UX Prototyper
Pearson PLC: 2013–current

My primary responsibility in this position is to supply prototyping services to the User Experience team in Higher Education. I hired and led a small team of prototypers and worked hand-in-hand with product managers, content editors, program managers, engineering teams and designers to build prototypes that are used for a user research and ultimately inform the final software product released to the public.

The team was also responsible for working directly with the publishing arm of the company for producing early prototypes of next-generation content, as well as managing the development of SASS based content themes, interactive widgets, ePub3 documents and more.

In this position I've developed platform specific strategies for SASS development and themeing, as well as helping to lead the UX of products and content from the earliest stages. Products I've worked on or the team has worked on include REVEL, Pearson Collections, Work Sampling Online, and more, including many that are in active development.

Invited Expert - W3C CSS working group

Invited Expert - W3C HTML working group

Invited Expert - IDPF scripted components working group

User Experience Designer
Pearson PLC: 2011–2013

In this position, I was responsible for interfacing with product managers to provide design support for agile development teams. I worked on OpenClass, Learning Studio, ReadyPoint and additional custom integrations for Learning Studio. I was also responsible for developing a themeing strategy to support the OpenClass platform and allow it to be reskinned easily and quickly across a wide array of application pieces and code bases.

Web and Graphic Design specialist
RTD: 2009–2011

Responsible for maintaining and developing the Regional Transportation District (RTD) website. Helped to complete a total redesign of the site working with internal stake-holders and vendors along with internal developers. Project also included development of the first full mobile website for RTD to allow users to view schedules on their mobile devices.

Graphic Design specialist
RTD: 2003–2009

Supported internal design needs for print and digital advertising, scheduling and maps.

Graphic Designer
RTD: 2000–2003

Supported internal design needs for print and digital advertising, scheduling and maps.


University of Colorado at Denver

Graduated 2001 - Bachelor of Fine Arts



Pearson Collections


Because many of the programs I work on are early stage R & D, I cannot share publicly most of what I do. Please contact me directly if you're interested in finding out more.

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